To assist our members in understanding how we define appropriate attire, the Board is providing the following guidelines. In general, attire on and off the golf course should be of acceptable, smart casual style.

Acceptable attire on the Golf Course and the Practice Facilities includes:

Tops Bottoms Headwear

Acceptable attire in the Clubhouse includes:

Smart casual and clean denim are acceptable in all areas of the Clubhouse. T-shirts are not acceptable on the golf course, patios or in the clubhouse, other than when walking to/from the parking lot to the locker room.

Golf caps can be worn on the lower and upper patios and the Fallen Oak Pub. As a general rule, golf caps are not to be worn in the main dining room, unless expressly allowed by league or event organizers.

These rules are for Members of all ages and categories, including their families and guests. It will continue to be the responsibility of the members to inform their family and guests of the appropriate attire at the Club.

It is the Board's sincere hope that Club Management NOT be required to confront any member or guest about their attire, invariably an uncomfortable experience for both parties. It is hoped that by having a relaxed clubhouse dress code and simplifying the on-course dress code, we can reasonably provide for comfortable attire for everyone.

It is important to note that by having a relaxed dress code, we trust that members will not stretch the meaning of “casual” but, rather, embrace the spirit of our intent.

If Members have any questions or uncertainty concerning the Dress Code, please ask our Golf Professional staff, Pro Shop staff, our F&B Manager, or our General Manager.

The RVGC Board of Directors