In addition to golf, being a part of the Rideau View community also means the opportunity to enjoy social activities every month throughout the season, including our popular Saturday Nine & Dines, mixed golf/dinner events, themed dinners like our Beer/Wine Food Pairing Evening, and much more.


In partnership with Ottawa’s Gees Bees Honey Company, bee hives were welcomed onto the Rideau View property with a two-fold benefit: the presence of the bees in a predominately agricultural area helps with the pollination of crops and other plants, and members have the opportunity to enjoy “homegrown” honey.

In 2018 an extensive bed of Cascade brewer hops where planted next to our 17th tee. The hops are harvested each September and used by our brewing partner, Big Rig Brewery, for the creation of Rideau View’s own craft beer, “No. 17” Blonde Ale. Members can check out the progress of the fast-growing plants as they hit their tee shots and think about the reward that awaits them following their round on our patios, overlooking the 18th or 9th greens or in our cozy and welcoming Fallen Oak Pub.

Based on the success of our home-grown No. 17 Blonde Ale, Rideau View has partnered with Dunrobin Distilleries to create our own gin, “Lot 57”, a tribute to the club’s founding in 1957.

You can’t get much more local when it comes to craft beer and gin produced by local businesses from plants grown on our golf course!